World’s most expensive hotel room is £83k a night but some can stay for free

When booking a hotel room or stay there are different highlights most of us look for.

This might be distance from the noise of nightlife, proximity to the dining hall or pool, or the rooms with the best views.

But, most of us love to get everything we like for a bargain price.

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However, there’s a whole other side to hospitality that many of us will never experience.

Those who have so much money that they barely have to think about what they spend can stay in the most expensive accommodation on the planet.

It’s based in Sin City – which makes sense considering the cash that’s laid down on the tables – of Las Vegas.

The incredibly luxurious hotel room will set you back an eye-watering $100,000 a night.

That’s around £83,260 at the current exchange rate…

So, if you’re willing to spend the deposit of a house on a single night in this room what will it get you?

The Empathy Suite was designed by our very own Damien Hirst – the famous British artist known for his preserved dead animals and for using diamonds on his work.

One of his art pieces is actually installed within the room in the form of a giant tank with two taxidermy sharks suspended inside.

Creepy or cool? Decide for yourself…

Other than the sharks the room offers an incredible view of the city and a private swimming pool that has glass walls so you can look out at the sights.

The suite is built over two floors and is a massive 836sqm.

You’ll also enjoy a private cinema, 13 seater bar, a lounge big enough for more than 50 guests and a dining room.

There are two large bedrooms – so you could possibly split the cost – as well as lots of storage, fitness rooms and a spa with massage rooms.

Additionally, there’s a jacuzzi and staff to make your stay incredible.

The employees at your disposal include a 24-hour butler service, bar staff and a driver to get you around.

You’ll also be treated to VIP level access to the casino as well as the KAOS Dayclub and Nightclub and the Pearl Concert Theatre, reports LadBible.

If you pay for the $100,000 for the room you’ll be given $10,000 of credit to spend in the casino.

Some people even get to stay in the incredible suite completely free, but you'll need quite the budget as this only applies to those who have a credit card with a limit of more than $1,000,000. Oh, if only…


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